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How does it work?

Members with more than R2 615 accumulated savings can apply to receive a Medimed debit card. A maximum of R600 per month will then be automatically paid from your accumulated savings into your debit card until the balance of R2 615 is reached or until the member notifies the scheme to terminate the monthly allocation.

The debit card is issued in the name of the principal member. Only one card per family will be issued and a PIN is required at the point of service.

The accumulated savings on your claims statement will automatically reflect the payment and will therefore decrease by the amount paid into your debit card. This is a debit card and you will be able to spend the money allocated in the card at any of the contracted service providers. You can therefore not spend more than the amount available. Balance inquiries are available at the point of sale purchase. Please note that the purchase will be declined if there are insufficient funds available.

You would be able to swipe the card at the service provider and pay for services rendered or items purchased as you would normally do with a debit card.

Which service providers are contracted?

Provider Location
Algoa Park Pharmacy Shop 3, Algoa Park Shopping Centre, St Leonard Road,
Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth
Binnehof Pharmacy Shop 8A, Binnehof Shopping Centre, Johan Cronje Square,
Uitenhage, 6229
Dis-Chem Amanzimtoti Pharmacy Shop G25, Galleria Shopping Center, Stand 237 Umbogintwini, Amanzimtoti, 4126
Dis-Chem Cape Road Pharmacy Shop No.1, Corner of Cape Road & 2nd Ave, Newton Park,
Port Elizabeth, 6070
Dis-Chem Walmer Park Pharmacy Shop 105, Walmer Park Shopping Centre, 17th Avenue,
Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070
Dis-Chem Blue Route Pharmacy Shop F206, Blue Route Mall, 16 Tokai Road,
Tokai, Western Cape, 7945
Dijon Pharmacy 36 Dijon Road, Weybridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6070
Gamble Pharmacy Dalmy Centre, Gamble, Uitenhage
Kempston Road Pharmacy Ground floor Mercantile Hospital, Korsten, Port Elizabeth
Klinicare Belmore Pharmacy 433 Cape Road, Port Elizabeth
Klinicare Blooms Pharmacy 323 Cape Road, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth
Klinicare Despatch Pharmacy 61 Main Street, Despatch
Klinicare Millpark Pharmacy 97 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth

Click here for complete Participating Providers list…

The above list can also be obtained from the Medimed call centre. The scheme will contract with any registered healthcare service provider and members can notify us of any service provider they would like to be included on the contracted list.

The current providers only include providers in Port Elizabeth. If you want us to include any other providers, please request the provider to contact the Medimed Customer Care team on 0861 777 660.

What do I need to know about the card?

The card expires after a period of 36 months from the date of issue upon which you will be issued with a replacement card. Any value in the card will not be refunded. The card can only be used in South Africa.

This card should be kept in a safe place and your PIN should be protected from unauthorised use. Medimed Medical Scheme and FNB will not accept responsibility for the unauthorised use of the card.

What transactions will not be available?

You would not be able to do the following:

  • Draw cash at an ATM
  • Buy items from providers who are not part of the programme
  • Make on-line purchases
  • Make telephonic purchases
  • Make refunds
  • Spend more than the money available in the card
  • Return or refund goods purchased

Fees – Effective 1 July 2015

The following transaction fees are applicable:

R10.00 card fee – the card will be replaced every three years
R5.00 for payments made into the card
Please note that no interest will accrue on positive balances.

Should you require further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Medimed customer care team – 0861 777 660.

In the instance of lost cards, please contact the FNB Call Centre to deactivate the card. Contact Number: 087 575 9405

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The Medimed Accumulated Savings card lets you pay for services rendered or items purchased as you would normally do with a debit card.

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